Gorilla trekking rules are a set of guidelines that any trekker should put into consideration while on Uganda, Rwanda or Congo gorilla safari tour. They are known as the dos and don’ts, precautions or safety measures. They play a significant role when it comes to gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of the Congo. Observing the set gorilla trekking rules while gorilla safari helps protect not only trekkers but also the lives of mountain gorillas given their status in the wild today. Currently, there are fewer than 1004 mountain gorillas left in the world and they are listed among the most endangered species something that calls for more efforts to ensure they thrive today and future generations.

Below are some of the gorilla trekking rules

  • Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo is limited to only 8 people per habituated gorilla family. This is an important gorilla trekking rule that is aimed at reducing disturbance posed on the daily behaviors of mountain gorillas by large crowds and also possibility of them spreading human infectious diseases.
  • Don’t litter the gorilla habitat. Ensure that you leave the gorilla habitat the way you found it or even better off.
  • Keep a distance of 7 meters away from mountain gorillas. This important gorilla trekking rule is aimed at protecting these endangered species from the spread of human infectious diseases.
  • Do not touch mountain gorillas. Even when they get near you, never be tempted to touch gorillas.
  • In case they get irritated, please calm down. Try as much as possible to be submissive. Always follow what your guide tells to avoid any cases of harm.
  • Every trekker on gorilla trek is advised to keep his or her voice low at all times. This gorilla trekking rule is essential in limiting disturbances posed upon these apes and any possibility of getting irritated a behavior which may cause harm to humans.
  • Persons above 15 years are considered eligible to go for gorilla trekking. Children are usually not allowed to trek mountain gorillas the fact that they can easily be frightened and also carry colds, flu and many other infectious that may infect gorillas.
  • Do not carry a flashlight camera. In case your camera has a flashlight, please turn it off before you begin taking pictures of mountain gorillas. Flashlight cameras can irritate mountain gorillas, a behavior which may cause harm to you.
  • A group of eight trekkers is assigned to only gorilla habituated family. This is to avoid overcrowding and disturbing the daily behavior of mountain gorillas.
  • Only an hour is given to trekkers to take photos, learn how the mountain gorillas feed, copulate and their body gestures.
  • Do not go for gorilla trekking when you are not feeling well or you are ill. This is significant in limiting any chance of spreading human infectious diseases the fact that mountain gorillas share about 95 percent of their DNA with humans.
  • Always keep within your group. Don’t get out of your group otherwise you can get lost.
  • Burry any human wastes at least 30 meters. In case you need to help yourself, please feel free to ask your ranger guide and he or she can guide you appropriately.
  • Cover your mouth when coughing and nose when sneezing. This gorilla trekking rule is essential in limiting spread of human infectious diseases from humans to mountain gorillas.
  • Wash your hands prior setting off on actual search for mountain gorillas in their habitat.
  • Avoid bright colored clothes. Preferably, get environmentally friendly clothes and avoid shouting colors.