There are numerous safety and travel tips every traveler on Uganda gorilla safari or wildlife safari tour should put into consideration. Understanding these key tips helps you have a successful trip in Uganda. When planning a trip, it is important to remember that there is no destination that is one hundred percent safe.

Is Uganda safe

Uganda isn’t a 100 percent safe. However, compared to most countries in the world, Uganda still enjoys prevailing peace and stability. This makes it a preferred safari destination by most travelers on Uganda safaris. Safety always starts with you and walking at night or dark corners is never safe. Try to get to your destination or place of residence early and ensure that all your valuables are safe.

Why pay a visit to Uganda

Uganda is one of the Africa’s most endowed destinations. It is blessed with natural wonders including the rare mountain gorillas, half of all the total population all confined within its rainforests, the big game-African elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, lions plus the tree climbing lions; the Rothschild giraffes, zebras, antelopes, more than 5050 chimpanzees, over 1080 bird species, source of the Nile, tropical rain forests, mystical mountains to mention but a few.

How to get to Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked state in East Africa. The best way to get to Uganda is by road and by air. By road, you get to Uganda from Kenya or Tanzania using bus. By air, you can take flight services up to Entebbe International Airport.

How to prepare for Uganda safari

To have a complete Uganda safari, you need to adequately prepare. Not to have a stressful trip, simply get in touch with our reservation team and let us plan your safari together. We are specialists in gorilla trekking tours plus other primate safaris, wildlife safaris, cultural tours and many other trips.

Dress code

When choosing what to put on, always be mindful of Uganda’s culture. Preferably, have good dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans and ensure that you don’t go out of culture.

What to pack for Uganda safari

What you pack depends on the kind of safari you plan to take. For those of you on gorilla tour, the following should be a must in your packing list-the waterproof hiking boots, daypack, gardening gloves, long sleeved shirts, trousers, first aid kit, sun glasses, hat, camera without flashlight, sweater, energy giving snacks, bottled drinking water, insect repellent to mention but a few.

Money tips

Uganda is entirely a cash-based country and Uganda shilling is widely used. However, USA dollar is used the fact that it is what is used in the tourism sector. To ease transactions locally, you need adequate local currency and this means you can exchange your dollars, pounds, sterling and others into Uganda shillings.  Use of Visa Cards or Master Cards is possible but usually it is limited to some fewer banks.


While at the destination, tipping may not be a must-do thing but it is one way to say thank you for the incredible service offered to you. There is no specific person to tip but you can tip the driver guide, local residents for the wonderful dances and music performances, guides and many others.

Where to eat from

Not every place is ideal for you to eat. Preferably, you can eat from modern hotel/restaurants. Avoid road side food!

Health tips

For long, health cases haven’t been recorded in Uganda apart from the intestinal discomfort. Visitors on the other hand are advised to get immunized against yellow fever, polio, hepatitis A and B and many more.