Visas play a significant role when it comes to travel. In order to have access to another country like Uganda, Rwanda or any East African state, you will need to obtain a visa before. To have access to anyone of the above states for tourism, business or study purposes, a visa a must-have tool. To apply and obtain one, it takes a process and anyone interested in visiting a particular state you have to observe some specific instructions and procedures. The fact that securing a visa can be challenging and also time consuming, the best is to get in touch with us and let us do that work for you. We do help travel agents, corporate travel departments as well as individuals process their visas at a time their require it soonest.

Uganda visas

A Uganda visa is a must-have travel document for travelers planning to enter the pearl of Africa. For any plans to embark on Uganda safari, you should think of applying for your visa soon at any nearby Ugandan Embassy. With electronic visas already in use, obtaining Uganda visas has become easier than ever before. Interestingly, you can do so online through and obtaining one can take you two business days.

To secure a Uganda visa, first, know the requirements and most importantly, a valid passport is a must-have to all applicants. Make sure your passport is valid for about 6 months from your arrival date in Uganda. Failure to meet this condition may lead to denial of passport. This also means you will be required to repeat the entire process after renewing your passport.

Secondly, you need to vaccinate against yellow fever whether you applied for a Uganda visa online or through the Uganda Embassy. Failure to observe this, on arrival, you will still undergo vaccination.

The other essential requirement is a passport size photograph. The photo goes on your visa in case you go for a consular visa or electronic visa in a database. Make sure that your photo is current and of white background.

Requirements you need to apply online

Applying for a Uganda visa online all depends on the kind of visa you need. The Tourist visa may require you to meet all the above requirements and ensure you make a copy of the information page. Applying for a Uganda transit visa may require you to have a letter which spells out the reasons for transit and the destination. The East Africa visa may require you to have travel plan and a return flight ticket.

Type of visa and rates

Single entry e-visa $50

East African tourist e-visa $100

Multiple entry e-visa $100 (6 months-1 year); $150 (for 1-2 years); $200 (for 2-3 years).

How to apply for a visa online

  • Provide your personal information-your name, address, passport details.
  • Pay prior submitting your application form. Ensure that your details are 100 percent correct.
  • Download the Uganda e-visa and print it out.

The visa section at the Uganda High Commission is open to public from Monday-Friday except during public holidays in Uganda and the United Kingdom. The exempted countries/states whose nationals don’t need to pay for Uganda visa include Cyprus, Eritrea, Lesotho, Libya, Malta, Malawi, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, St. Vincent, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Grenada, Ghana, Italy, Fiji, Comoros, Botswana, Burundi, Barbados, Antigua, Angola, Bahamas, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Belize and Vanuatu.







Rwanda visas

For visitors planning to enter Rwanda, you require a valid visa. You can obtain a single-entry visa at $30 and this can be done through the Rwanda Embassy. For those with no high commission for Rwanda in their country, you can visit to download the application form and you make sure that you observe the guidelines appropriately. The Single-entry visas in Rwanda can be valid for about one month.

You can also choose multiple entry business visas which cost $50 and these can be valid for 12 months or the East African tourist visa which lets you visit at least two of the East African member states-Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The East African tourist visas cost $100 and they can be valid for about 3 months. Nationals from the exempted countries don’t need to apply for a visa early to enter Rwanda for instance Burundi, Sweden, UK, Germany, South Africa, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Hong Kong, Canada, Israel, USA, New Zealand, Philippines. Booking a Rwanda visa may require you to have a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Persons considered eligible for the East African tourist visas are mainly those planning to visit Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya primarily for tourism purposes.

In summary, a visa is a must-have travel document for anyone planning a Uganda or Rwanda safari this coming holiday or business trip to any of the East African states.